The Key of Dreams

The “Key of Dreams” by Rene Magritte.

The words don’t match the image. The images represent things; abstracted reality. Concepts, not specific objects with specific properties. All of this I understand. But why does he call it “The Key of Dreams”? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious connection between the title and the artwork. Which is exactly what’s happening in the painting itself. There’s a parallel. Some connection. Not an obvious one – but it’s there. Waiting to be discovered. Or so I think. So I believe. So I tell myself. This is the kind of thing that can really trip you up.

And note: not dreams. Dreams in their own right. Dreams in and of themselves. But the key of dreams. A legend. An interpretative guide. Which is exactly what dreams are themselves. Dreams are artefacts, not facts. Nothing in dreams are real. They are representations. They are built up from memories – our recollections of experiences. Our own experiences. What is called: direct experiences. And also what we experience indirectly, through others. What can be called: mediated experience. The stories we hear, the images we see, the texts we read.



Ways of Seeing. John Berger (p1-2).



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