City of Blind and Weary Men

Just finished reading the Story of Lot (following up a link from Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion). Here my synopsis:

God sends two angels to Sodom and Gomorrah on a mission to destroy both cities. They are taken in by Lot, Abraham’s nephew and the only good man in town. After dinner, all the men of the city surround the house with the intention of sodomising the angels. Lot offers his two virgin daughters to the baying crowd in exchange for his guest’s safety. The townsmen refuse and try to storm the house, but the angels strike every last one of them blind.

Lot and his family are warned of the city’s immiment destruction, but his two son in laws (either married to different daughters or themselves homosexual) laugh mockingly at the old man. God instructs them to flee the plains and go to their mountains, but Lot, who is old and infirm, strikes a deal and is promised safe haven in Zoar. In the morning, Lot leaves his son in laws behind and escapes with his wife and daughters for the city of Zoar. Against all odds, they make it safely through the city gates. With the plains in front of them, and the city to their backs, Lot’s wife makes the mistake of turning around to see the fire and brimstone rain down on the city of blind and weary men. She dies instantly, the only eye-witness to the massacre metamorphised into a pillar of salt.

Fearing for their lives and probably traumatised by the experience, Lot and his daughters double back on their plans and take refuge in a cave in the mountains outside Zoar. The girls – convinced that all men in the known world are gay, and wanting to preserve a bit of their ailing father – get Lot drunk and each fall pregnant by him. The end.

My oh my. What do you think: too edgy to get backing from a major studio? This has Von Trier written all over it. The script is basically writing itself. No enhancement’s necessary. Just  a straight adaptation. Don’t believe me! Well see for yourself.



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