My First Short Film

Hi everyone.

My co-writer/director, Ben Nicholson, and I have just made our first short film, Insha’Allah, available for viewing online. For those of you who haven’t seen it, we’d be grateful for your feedback. Good or bad – your views will be appreciated. This is our first film and we’ve got lots lots more to learn. If you liked it, we’d also really appreciate your help getting it out into the world. Please share it with your contacts and groups on Facebook and Twitter. If you blog, we’d be honoured if you’d embed it on your page. And if you have a moment, do go to our IMDb page and give us a rating out of 10. It’ll take less than a minute, but would mean a lot to us. We’d like people to see it, and hopefully enjoy it.

All the best, Darwin.


About Darwin Franks

Filmmaker, Cinephile, Writer, Athiest, Civil Servant


  1. you can check it out at my blog [] [] feel free to browse around
    i really like it!

    check my very virst one out also on my blog.
    check out mine and tell me what you think…

  2. Ashley

    Good concept… however I found myself bored with the film at times.

    Here’s a tip: You don’t have to wait for the character to be ‘hors scène’, to cut to the next shot. It’s more interesting if you cut while they’re leaving. Gives us something to be curious about. If you can make your viewers curious, you can make them watch until the end.

    The main character was played quite well. His changes from worried, to angry, to upset, to spiritual, to sadden were well portrayed.

    Though I do have another negative remark, some of the scenes were ‘dragged out’, if you will. At moments, I found myself waiting impatiently to see something happen because nothing was happening in the scene. Having said that, I liked the length of the scene where the husband and wife are waiting to be called in and the secretary leaves for a moment and returns. I like how, during that moment, I could picture myself waiting anxiously to meet with someone who could potentially change my life.

    All in all, there are a few things I would have done differently. However, to each their own. From one Filmmaker to another, I enjoyed the story. ‘Twas well written and thought through. Well done! (:

  3. Hey Darwin –

    I finally got the chance to check out this film. Sorry this comment is so delayed. I dig it. Lots of good stuff, from the spotty, low-key lighting, to the performances by the “illegal” couple, and to some of the nicer framing (particularly during the prayers and after the body has fallen). I also like how you take your time before the real set-up and that you tackle an issue that’s realistic, while backing it up with what ultimately becomes legitimate guilt.

    A few short critiques as well: I thought the lead actor played it too big at times. I wanted a bit more subtlety there. Also, I felt that everything the segue from the physical argument to the suicide was too fast.

    Overall though, I really liked it a lot. Good stuff!

  4. Neal, terribly, terribly, sorry for taking so long to reply! Of course, you have to know how over the moon I am with your comments. Although our lighting cost us a few hours on set, we were very happy with the outcome.I was totally surprised by how big a difference colour grading made to the end result though. What a revelation! We were also really lucky to find such talented actors in Nadia Nadif and Farzaad Afxami. I’ll never forget that first rehearsal we went to, and we heard them reading the words we’d put down on paper. Let’s just say I’ve written better scenes since, but boy was it awesome to see how they transformed it into something real. As regards the critiques – I agree with you, as does the lead. I’ve reimagined the whole thing at least three different ways since finishing it – with lots of new scenes. Certainly wish I’d built in more time in the place you suggest.

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