Jules Dassin’s Uptight

Great review by DCPFilm. Another film I’ve not heard of but will now seek out. Do yourself a favour: follow this blog if you’re as passionate about making films as you are about watching them.


Probably the best race movie not named Medium Cool, which came out a year later, Up Tight! (actually titled simply as Uptight in the opening credits) is a surprise film from Jules Dassin, the American-born director who left for France in the wake of HUAC and would eventually die in Greece.

Dassin is best remembered, and rightfully so, for the masterful Rififi (1955) which features an extended silent robbery sequence.  Probably thought of mostly as a French director – his Topkapi (1964) was also filmed in France – his American period, which lasted until 1953, was his most prolific, spanning 12 films, including one of Lancaster’s best, 1947’s prison-noir Brute Force.

Uptight is therefore a bit of an anomaly, in that its Dassin’s only American production post-1950, it comes amidst a number of French and Greek films, and its post-MLK, race-related content sticks out like a sore thumb alongside 10:30…

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  1. Thanks, Darwin! It means a lot that you not only read the blog, but would re-post! Much, much obliged.

    • My pleasure Neal. I love the fact that you’re determined to stick to your mission of reviewing every film you see. How long has it been now?

      • Ha! I’m working on it. It’s been over a year, I think. I’m about 20 films behind, but they all get up there some way or another. Though I definitely short change a fair amount of them.

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